Morton+Co Architects have a keen understanding of the issues that affect regional Victoria and continue to pursue innovative, transformative solutions that enhance communities.


Morton+ Co Architects has grown to become one of the largest and best resourced architectural practices in regional Victoria. With offices in Ballarat and Geelong the firm has a deep appreciation of regional issues and a strong commitment to Regional Development. 

Our passion is to work with communities to create spaces that enhance connection, experience, enrichment and wellbeing. 

The Project Team at Morton+Co has a proven track record for quality architectural solutions that are creative and contextual, responsive and cost effective. It is our aim to provide the required experience, expertise, resources, management and knowledge to ensure optimum outcomes are achieved.

Our team is committed to a collaborative approach in addressing the needs and aspirations of our clients. We work closely with our clients and key stakeholders, through effective consultation, design and implementation, to achieve solutions that are functional, flexible, accessible, safe and sustainable – economically, environmentally and socially. 


Morton+Co is focused on uniting communities across Victoria with harmonious, cohesive spaces and connected environments.

Well planned environments can inspire change, promote new and improved ways of living and ultimately enrich lives. We approach every planning project with these objectives in mind, to create the best human experience possible.

Our urban design and masterplanning projects span communities in rural, regional and city environments, creating precincts that foster connectivity to achieve strategic planning goals.

We collaborate with you to make the invisible, visible. From inception to completion, we create value through stability, leadership and a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability.


For each project we establish a management system that ensures essential processes are identified and then followed through to achieve optimum outcomes. These processes have been refined, tested and improved since our inception in 1987.

From the outset identifying stakeholder needs and requirements sets the foundation for how the project will unfold. Prioritising the processes and customising our methodologies specific to the project is our starting point.

Every project differs in how many of our project management services are implemented, our experience across a wide range of industry sectors gives us an advantage and ultimately you the advantage when working through the intricate details. For example the practical application of structure and facade materials is a particular strength of ours. Innovative design brings it’s own complex issues, our experience with designing projects across health, education, community, residential and commercial sectors has allowed Morton+Co to build experience with many varied materials. We’ve learned the strength and weaknesses of each material which we pass on to our clients through our consultation.

We understand that to succeed, we must work together to find the right balance between efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and an outcome which suits your budget and your timeline.